1/19/23 – Muffins update from her 2/18/23 visit at Michigan State Veterinary. – diana

1/18/23 – Today we met with 2 residents who were very knowledgeable and explained the next steps in as much detail as they could. Both Liz and Julie took their time helping us understand. They were very sweet and I think they really enjoyed meeting Muffins’.

I was hoping they would’ve kept her and began the process, but due to problems uploading prior CT imaging all we could do was the consultation.

There are 2 scenarios.

First scenario is the one where the Internal medicine doctor performs live imaging with contrast and can reach the area needed to successfully open her stricture.

Second Scenario is based on what the Internal medicine doctor thinks after he has reviewed the CT images. If he thinks the stricture is to far back for him to reach, then Muffins would need to see a soft tissue surgeon specialist within the same hospital. They described the procedure would involve splitting her mandible to get to where they need to be in order to make an opening.

Although I trust them immensely, this is not the scenario I want because I’m mostly concerned about her recovery.

What she has is not common at all. It’s probably a combination of congenital deformity and chronic inflammation since birth.

I’ll likely hear from the doctor by end of this week or next week. Now that we have had the consultation, it shouldn’t take long to get her scheduled.

Please pray that scenario 1 is her option.

Waiting patiently – Gina

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1/18/23 – This very sweet boy was found by a very kind man and his sons. The mom contacted us because they knew they might not be able to afford the medical help that might be needed. Poor Grayson was found on the streets with maybe 4 to 5 scab on his back plus one of his hind legs was possibly paralyzed. The other leg looked like it was usable but Grayson appeared to only move by pulling up by his front paws. Our amazing friends at Orion Animal Hospital took Grayson in almost immediately. The doctor found multiple breaks in his pelvis. The breaks were in places that would have resulted in severe constipation and arthritic conditions for the remainder of his life. Grayson was in a great deal of pain and it was decided by all to let him peacefully cross the Rainbow Bridge.

The family is very sad over this outcome but we are thankful that we all could be there for this little one who had no one. – diana.

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