1/12/23 – Last month, Courtney, from Orion Animal Hospital, called to ask if I could help out a homeowner who had a medical concern for an outdoor cat they had been caring for since they had moved in last August. It appears that the prior homeowners had been feeding the cat. The new homeowners named him Harley and think he is about 8-9 years old but they said he is very feral. Once the cold weather struck, they put a couple of shelters in the yard and one day they noticed blood in the shelter and in his food dish. They also said Harley was not neutered.

I authorized Harley to be seen at Orion Animal Hospital where a wound under his mouth was treated. He was also neutered and vaccinated and is now doing well. God Bless the many people like the Pickerings who see an animal in distress and take the needed action to help. – diana.

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