1/13/23 – A friend of 4p1h, Tonya, rescued Blossom from a traumatic situation. It started with just 2 loose dogs running on her street. She called animal control to pick them up, but they never showed. When she got home from work, only one dog remained looking very sad, confused, and scared. For two weeks she attempted to find an owner without success. The rescuer believed that Blossom had been grazed with bullets or buckshot, although the wounds were pretty much healed. She asked if we could help with a doctor’s visit.

Blossom, thankfully, tested negative for heart worm. She was vaccinated and spayed and went back home with Tonya. Shortly after, Tonya contacted me worried because Blossom wasn’t eating properly. We were ready to authorize a visit to a vet. But then Blossom started coming around. Tonya thought that Blossom might have been depressed in that she seemed to love the company of other dogs when she was at the vet’s office.

Well, the happy beginning is that Tonya is now safe and happy in her new home with a new buddy. A huge thank you to Tonya and all that she did to save Blossom and get her into a loving home. – diana. P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080