1/14/23 – They were both rescued by two women who have applied for a non-profit status and have used their own funds last month to spay/neuter 24 cats.

Unfortunately, they came across Ozzy and Claus and just didn’t have the funds to cover what was needed medically.

Ozzy appeared to have a broken tail in that his tail was crooked. He appeared to be in pain whenever he was touched in the area. Ozzy was taken to one of our faves, Orion Animal Hospital, and x rays and blood work were done. The blood work looked good and the doctor decided to prescribe antibiotics and pain medication and see Ozzy again next week.

Claus, at just 8 weeks old, appeared to be fine and was taken for standard vetting — vaccines, testing, and neuter but shortly after he stopped eating and was ‘falling over’. He was also taken to Orion Animal Hospital where he was given oxygen. An ultra- sound and blood work was also done. It was determined that Claus had a severe upper respiratory infection. He also will be seen again this coming week. Please remember these babies, along with the many others roaming our streets, in your prayers.

During that same time, the rescuers tried saving two kittens but they were too far gone. They had been found pretty much frozen from being out in a recent snow storm. The lady who had contacted the rescuers for help had put them in the cage and left them for three days. By the time the rescuers got them, there was so much mucus covering their eyes, nose, and mouth, they couldn’t be saved. They were very small and very thin. So very devastating. But this is what so many of the animal angels go through every day and we are just thankful that because of our supporters we are able to be there when asked. – diana.

I think she was trying to help. She did bring them out of the cold and put them in a cage with blankets, had food n water. But not knowing better and no funds to take them to the vet, limited what she could do to help them. I just wish she had posted the day they were found. By the time we got them their eyes, nose and mouth were crusted closed. It was so sad! We really tried to save them. They were found 2 hours away and we relayed people to transport them. We were able to clean their airways and get them comfortable. They just were not strong enough. – Tina (Run Around Sue’s Cat Rescue) P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080