1/24/23 – Chloe was rescued from an abusive breeder situation. She is 6 years old and had a tail pocket for her entire life. “A tail pocket is essentially a small wrinkle found under a Bulldog’s tail. It is commonly found hiding under the dog’s tail but on occasion it could be on the top of the tail. It is a small hollow area or a type of indentation that can collect all kinds of dirt. The pocket can become infected so severely that the tail will require amputation”. After Chloe was rescued we were contacted for help.

Chloe was brought to one of our great doctors at Patterson Veterinary Hospital and she said that she had never seen a tail pocket infection so severe; the doctor determined that amputation was necessary. The surgery was done today and Chloe was also spayed. She is doing well in her foster home and has a furever home all lined up for when she is fully recovered. She is a beautiful girl who will never have to breed again and will be loved and not used for money. – Diana. P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


1/24/23 – Although I haven’t personally received notification, word has it that Amazon Smile will be gone for the majority of non-profits effective March 1, 2023. The last day of sharing a % of purchases is February 28.

The good news is that we now have a new partner, Rite Aid Pharmacies. If you are signed up, a percentage of pharmacy sales and most standard sales (not liquor, cigarettes, etc) will be donated to 4 Paws 1 Heart. Please go to: and sign up. And, if you can, transfer your prescriptions to the great people of Rite Aid. I’ve been meaning to do that since they were so great to work with when we needed pain medication for Maddie. Thanks as always for your support! – diana. [email protected]

P.S. If you get a chance, like the page: P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


1/23/23 – On January 18 we were contacted by friends of 4p1h whom we’ve assisted in the past. They said that they had found a “sweet pittie” running around the Hamtramck Detroit border on January 17. They said he was posted all over facebook and that he had been running with a very bad limp for over a week, in and out of traffic, and hanging around a park. The rescuers were able to secure him and said that he definitely had something going on with his hips and legs. Nothing looked broken but he appeared to be in pain. – diana

“He may been bumped by a car. We are searching for rescue placement and hope to find one soon. Right now he’s comfortable as he can be in a room in my house. I was wondering if there is anyway you can help with getting him vetted. He really needs his back end to be checked out, shots, microchip if possible, heartworm test and neuter. He’s a black male pittie. Younger about 2 years maybe. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you so much! I will attach pictures. Thank you so much for helping us out the last time . Hope to hear from you soon. The video of him walhe had been running with a very bad limp for over a week in and out of traffic and hanging around a park. Robin and I were able to secure him last night. He definitely has something going on with his hips and legs. Nothing looks broke but he is in pain. They thought he might have been bumped by a car. The rescuers were going to search for rescue placement but in the mean time, needed our help.”

Maximus was seen by one of our partner vets and his leg was x-rayed but no breaks or fractures were found. The doctor agreed that he has a “weird walk and sits funny” but they could not see any specific reason. Maximus was found to be negative for heart worm and received the necessary vaccines. He will be neutered and then go off to his new rescue, Paws, Awes, and Claws. They will keep a close eye on him and follow up with any issues concerning his leg or continue to be in contact with us in that we have worked with them with other rescues. – diana. P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080