1/27/23 – Satin has been turned over to Dr. Ferstyl and Satin will have a permanent home at Catopia in Millington, MI. Satin is still on a feeding tube after his surgery but he will be in good, expert hands. Thank You to all who prayed for him and cared. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

Unfortunately, I probably will not hear anything more on this baby now that he has been permanently placed. Again, unfortunately, I rarely get follow up about the animals we help. In this case, the only way I found out about Satin was by contacting someone that I thought knew the rescuer of Satin and she gave me the update. – diana


1/27/23 – An independent rescuer who we’ve helped often, Jem, contacted us about a kitten she was contacted about who was born to an ‘owned’ cat. The kitten was born with a deformed leg and the pet owner did not have resources to get her help. The owner tried many rescues but no one could help. After Jem and I talked about the situation and also pursued a rescue — without success–we decided that if the owner fully surrendered the kitten to Jem, we would start with getting an assessment from a doctor. The owner was in agreement with surrendering Penelope because she just wanted what was best. The other 3 kittens born to her cat had been placed in furever homes; the disabled kitten was the only one of the litter left. Yesterday Penelope saw the veterinarian and Jem reported the following:

“Penelope is about four months old and was born with a congenital defect in her pelvis and spine that makes her left leg give out. She bunny hops instead of dragging that leg, so there is no friction burn. At this time her joints look very good so she does not require surgery. Penelope’s back end is in rough condition. She has very thick skin in her genital area and an infected laceration. After antibiotics, she will be able to get bloodwork, and ideally the genital issues will have improved. If necessary, medical correction of the tissue will be done during her spay to minimize discomfort. Penelope’s treatment goal is: antibiotics to eliminate the infection between her anus and vulva, along with the UTI. Once that is taken care of, she will be spayed and have reconstructive surgery done on her back end to remove abnormal tissue and make her vulva able to pass urine correctly. She will also be vaccinated. After that, she will be up for adoption. According to Dr Panchal at Southpointe Veterinary, Penelope should be able to live a happy life with the assistance of chronic pain management. She will be eligible for adoption after her spay.”

Anyone interested in adopting Penelope should contact Jem at: [email protected] – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

Thank you for sharing Diana & for 4p1h doing everything to help Penelope! I encourage anyone interested to contact me through my email or if it’s easier, DM on messenger (facebook). She is already doing much better after only two days of antibiotics and an NSAID. – Jen