R.I.P. Ruby Faith

3/29/13 Our friend, Dinah’s eulogy to a very special girl:

Gina and Diana – It is with unfathomable sorrow that I tell you of Ruby’s passing. We adopted her, as you know, on July 4, 2011, and have enjoyed every moment of our decision to bless this sweet old girl for almost 2 years. Her mammary glands had multiple tumors, if you recall, and the one closest to her tail got enormous and heavy and hot, and much worse of late. The harder one near her ribs was growing. She had just developed another, different kind of tumor near her butt. Not good. Still, the vet said she was acting great, no signs of discomfort or pain, so just keep her comfy and let her be home with us, Henry, Theo and Vinnie, and now my sister’s little Sadie. They all got along famously. They kept Ruby spry, as she took several shorter walks each day with her posse here, and loved her warm, clean bed and warmed blankets for naps. Once Ruby started adjusting her body around the large tumor, she seemed less able to accommodate herself with comfort, and I knew I must do the unthinkable.Thank God, we say, that loving them and them loving us overshadows the inevitable ending task. We had Ruby’s wonderful, crotchety old farm vet come to the house and put her down with us here. She was wrapped in her fresh, warm blankets with her stuffed “babies” and went peacefully and quickly, all the while hearing me singing her little song she liked, called, “Ruby is My Baby, and That’s the Way It Is.” She never had to get in the car, terrified, and pee and throw up until we reached our destination. She was home, with us, where she belonged. Just know that, although it took over a month for her to lift her head or her ears without fear, she did feel what it was like to be loved, tended to, bathed and blown dry (she adored being blown dry), and cuddled up with the other members of our furry crew, and us. Ruby loved the fresh air, her walks with Henry and Sadie, and her many massages. She gave us pure joy and appreciation of the simplest things we take for granted, yet which bring us the most human peace. And that, of course, is love and attention without one thought of fear.There is an Indian legend which says that we will be greeted at Heaven’s gate by all the animals we’ve come in contact with on this earth, in this life, and, based on how we’ve tended them it will be determined whether or not we can enter.

We rescued Ruby…and she rescued us right back. Rest in peace, little girl.

Ruby Faith…until we meet again.


Stray With Seizures, May You Rest In Peace

This poor dog was found as a stray over the weekend. The person that found the dog called to tell Animal Control Officer (Lisa) that he (the dog)  had been having repeated seizures overnight while he stayed at her house. Lisa picked him up and took him to the vet where they held him for two days. Some medications were tried to tone down the seizures. All hoped that an owner would come forward, however the seizures were uncontrollable and the dog was deemed to be suffering and was humanely euthanized. (May You Rest In Peace)  “I’m very grateful to 4P1H for making the funding available for that care like this so that animals in the situation do not have to suffer in a shelter” ~ Lisa

R.I.P. Sweet Annie

It is with a very heavy heart that I post the following from Gina ~ diana:
“R.I.P. Sweet Annie…
Our sweet Annie was humanely euthanized the other evening because she was getting progressively worse.  It was a heartbreaking decision but she let me know it was time.  Annie had no further will to live; I think her spirit began to die that day, January 15, 2013,  when she was hit by a car.
When Annie arrived to the emergency, it took us several hours just to stabilize her because her body was ‘crashing’ from being in a critical state of shock.  She had at least seven broken ribs, nerve damage in her leg, a broken tooth, and trauma to her liver, and probably more that we don’t even know existed.  Maybe I should have let her go then but I would have always wondered if we could have saved her.  I wanted to try for her and for the sake of finding her owners and giving them the chance to continue her care or say goodbye to her.

4 Paws 1 Heart is about giving animals like Annie a second chance.  Funding for medical care is very expensive and a ‘stray’ animal is generally put down immediately because of cost and the lack of an owner.  This is where our group has been fortunate enough to make miracles happen for injured stray animals.

Annie had a guarded to grave prognosis from the start but we did everything in our power to save her life.  We really believed that with love and everyone’s prayers, she could recover.  But, her injuries were too severe.  After eight days of intensive care, Annie officially gave up and I couldn’t let her suffer.  The doctors did all they could do and said that we went above and beyond for her, so I knew we made the right decision.

I got down and held her tightly, kissed her on her forehead, and told her what a special, sweet girl she was as she slipped away in my arms.  No more pain…

Our group wants to thank all of you for your support and for all of the prayers you said for Annie during her hospitalization.  I will never forget her. ~ Gina”

In Memory of Blake

BLAKE: I am brokenhearted to report that our little Blake did not make it. Gina thought she was turning the corner and had a lot of hope. Unfortunately, she died in Gina’s arms. The staff of the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center did everything possible to save this little sweetheart and gave her lots of love and medical care while she was in the hospital. The person responsible for her just waited too long to get her treatment. There are so many cases of Parvo going on right now. Gina and I are working on a way to get the message out there about the symptoms and dangers. May this little beauty rest in peace and finally be enjoying the life of a puppy with all of the babies who have gone before her. ~ diana

PRAYERS NEEDED; Blake is a female, mixed breed, 12 week old puppy who needs your prayers!! She has Parvo Virus and she is currently hospitalized while 4 paws 1 heart pays for her medical treatment. Blake is just hanging on. We are doing everything that can be done for her, but it’s a nasty virus that leaves an unpredictable and, much too often, grave prognosis.


IN MEMORIAM: Taz was humanely euthanized with funds from 4 paws 1 Heart because the family didn’t have sufficient funds and he was suffering. Taz was hit by a car and had severe internal damage. May he rest in peace with all of our other little furbabies who have gone before him. ~ Gina

IN MEMORIAM: Marty the Cat

IN MEMORIAM: Marty is a cat signed over to 4 Paws 1 Heart from the Roseville Animal Control Officer. Unfortunately, after 24 hours he had to be euthanized due to the extent of his injuries. His jaw was broken beyond repair, and he was suffering some neurological symptoms. We think he was hit by a car. May this little guy rest in peace. ~ Gina

R.I.P Sweet Kitten

R.I.P. sweet kitten… This 8-week-old baby kitten was brought into the hospital in critical condition. The family had just adopted him and his sister who were doing well up until two nights ago. Due to financial constraints 4 Paws 1 Heart allowed the family to sign over the kitten, so we could attempt to save him or alleviate his suffering. After diagnostics and an exam, it was determined that the kitten was in kidney failure. The doctor believes this was a congenital problem that couldn’t have been prevented or predicted. In his short little life his family loved him so much and they were just devastated. ~ Gina

In Memory of Crystal the Puppy

8/11/12 Crystal the puppy was another owner surrender. She was emaciated, dehydrated, anemic, and severely malnourished. She weighed 1 pound! We tried all we could to save her. Blood-work, fluids, tube feeding, and despite our efforts she passed away at 11:30pm tonight. Her short little life was taken to soon and maybe could have been prevented if her owner didn’t wait until she was unresponsive and seizing to seek medical attention! It’s very sad..but this is the world we live in. ~ Gina

Although one would have to wonder how this poor baby got to this point without someone noticing her. It reminds me of our Peanut and how she was left in a corner to die while people came and went in the owner’s home. In Peanut’s case, thank God that a concerned relative literally took the dog and brought him to the Urgent and Critical Care Center where he was taken in by Gina and now lives in the lap of luxury on Lake St. Clair. I’m sorry that no one was there for little Crystal. To honor Crystal who suffered so greatly, I’m posting her story. Speechless! ~ diana

It was just to late for us to save her little life..heartbreaking

Viva and Her Kittens

Update July 22, 2012
These two kittens died yesterday morning. They were very sick and dehydrated. We are caring for the mom who is currently hospitalized. She was dehydrated as a result of a virus.

July 21, 2012

This is Viva. She was rescued by Warren Animal Control Officers Lisa and Kim. We shared her story earlier — she was found on the porch severely dehydrated having just given birth to 4 kittens. Two were laying there dead and 2 were near death. Viva was so young (7 months) and so severely dehydrated she couldn’t produce enough milk to feed her living kittens. The three were brought into Emergency where the remaining two kittens died. The mom, Viva, is still hospitalized by recovering. She is very sweet and affectionate.

Sick Stray Cat

I was contacted by a 4p1H friend about a cat who has been outdoors and suffering. The family said they called for help twice this weekend and no one would come out. This was Detroit. I made arrangements for the family to bring the stray to the hospital. We had to humanely euthanize this little one due to its grave condition. But because of the kindness and caring of this person, this homeless feline is now at peace and didn’t die alone.~Gina