Miura – After Being Rescued With Her Siblings, His Spay Surgery Resulted in Complications

12/27/19 – Ocso, Sally, and Miura were all born to a feral mom. The mom was trapped, spayed, and released but her kittens were rescued with hopes of finding forever homes. We were contacted to back the kittens’ medical needs. The three went for their pre-spay/neuter appointment and received their basic vaccines; all were healthy and an appointment was made for their spay/neuters. On Monday, December 23, the surgeries were completed but, unfortunately, Miura had complications. He was treated as long as possible at the day practice but because the hospital was to be closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Miura had to be taken to our partner emergency hospital. Miura spent the night in the hospital with a high fever and a low red cell blood count but by the next day he was able to go home. As with humans, there are no guarantees with surgeries–things can happen. We are just thankful to have a great relationship with the emergency hospital doctors who always come through for us. ~ diana

ocso w:ron cubba 12:3:19 sally w:ron cubba 12:3:19miura w:ron cubba 12:3:19

Jack – Found With Bite Wounds, Flea, Mite and Worm Infested

12/7/19 – jack 12:7:19 jack 12:7:19-- jack 12:7:19++ jack 12:7:19==Make a difference in the life of an animal. Jack is one of those. He was a friendly stray who was ‘tnr’d’ (trapped, neutered, released) at one time. He showed up at the home of a person who was familiar with rescue. He had a wound on his neck and was very lethargic. We were contacted for help. Jack was seen by a doctor and two, infected bite wounds were found on his neck (see photo #2). The doctor drained the wounds and provided medication. Jack also was infested with ear mites, fleas, and worms. A once feral cat in a cat community became very domesticated over the course of his recovery. His rescuer is trying to find him a forever home. Without you, abandoned/stray animals like Jack would not have a chance. Without the rescuer and our medical help, Jack would have died from the infection. Thank YOU for making a difference. ~ diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080

Patches – Dumped in a Park and Rescued by the Police; She is Heart Worm Positive

6/10/19 – A woman who is on the ‘Animal 911 Contact List’ in Genesee County contacted us about a dog found in a park. The police contacted her about two dogs they felt were dumped in the park. Unfortunately, only Patches could be caught. Patches was taken to a vet to be spayed, vaccinated, and tested. Unfortunately, she was found positive for heart worm and we were contacted for help. Patches is only about 1 year old and we are thankful that we can help this beautiful, abused dog get a second chance at life. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/patches 6:10:19

Dyson – Adopted

2/26/19 – Another animal who will not have to fend for himself in below freezing temperatures and heavy snow. – diana


dyson 2:26:19 dyson 2:26:19== dyson adopted 2:26:19“CHANCE: Hey Team, my sweet foster sissy Trixie is home from her dental…whew!!! Poor baby girl 😞 Dr. Z did an amazing job, and she really had a job on her hands. Poor Trixies mouth was horrible! She had 8 extractions, she had an abscess, and a whole lot of infection. Dr. Z said she was for sure in pain. We all know how bad teeth pain can be, and unfortunately these innocent sweet babies cant tellus when something hurts. Trixie has oral stitches and will need 2wks to heal from all her dental work today and then she will go back to Dr. Z for a recheck. Thankyou Dr. Zalac and your awesome staff at Orion Animal Hospital, you all are so amazing & care for these babies as if they were your own. You have no idea how much that means especially when they’ve already been through so much. Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart and all Trixies fans & donors.”

Gina I – Being Fed as Stray but Was Probably a Pet at One Time; Now Safe

9/1/18 – This beauty was being fed by a young girl in Metamora, MI. The kitty was very sweet but the family couldn’t bring her into the home because of severe allergies. For two months, Gina, begged everyone she knew to take in this sweetie whose owner was never found. Finally, our good friends at Midwest Small Breed Rescue, came to her rescue and will find her permanent placement. And, before we could even write this post, two more kittens no photos available) were surrendered to Gina and Midwest gladly took them in. We were happy to pay for everyone’s vetting. Three more cats taken off the streets by working together. ~ dianaGina 1 9:1:18 gina 1 -- 9:1:18 gina 1 w:9:1:18

Cisco Kid – He Showed Up Beaten and Sick

5/25/18 – I honestly can’t express how happy this makes us all feel. The saying is that rescues are forever grateful. ~ dianacisco kid ++ 5:25:18 cisco kid -- 5:25:18 cisco kid 5:25:18

“Meet the Cisco Kid! This amazing boy was thought to be feral and showed up in my neighborhood a couple months ago and was being fed by a neighbor. A couple weeks ago he started coming to my feeding bowl. Becuse we recently found a severely felv boy in our area that was so sick he was unable to be saved, I wasn’t taking any chances with Kid. While discussing how we were going to tnr him, he showed up injured! No way, it already looked infected in one day! Long story short, he finally got in the trap and I’ve never seen a cat more grateful to be rescued!!! Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart he was treated for the abscess over his eye and other minor wounds. Snap tested, which came back extremely, very faint positive for fiv. Most likely due to his infection, but will need to be retested. In about another week again thanks to 4 Paws Kid will be getting his shots & neuter and will be ready for a rescue, foster or better yet a forever home. Gets along with cats & dogs, it would be hard to find a more loving boy! If you would like to open your heart & home to this grateful sweetheart please contact me at deenajera@yahoo.com. “


Simon and Bob – One is Unable to Walk/Stand and the Other Emaciated and Very Ill

2/5/18 – Welcome to the first full week of February. Although most of us in Southeastern Michigan are once again dealing with about 3 – 5 inches of snow, I wanted to share this happy update to begin your week on a happy note.

Hopefully, you will remember our Simon. I was called during the evening of an 8″ snowstorm. The caller advised that a cat who his mom had been harboring in her rented room, kept being thrown outside by the landlord. And, the cat could not use his back legs. Well, with the help of the caller and our friend, Jo A., Simon was brought to safety and 4 Paws 1 Heart committed to doing whatever we could to give Simon a life he deserved. He has recently been seen by Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets and has been given exercises to do at home and a therapy plan has been developed. It turns out that poor Simon could not use any of his legs! But, the doctor thinks that with therapy, he will be able to walk again. Simon has proven to be a real love bug and enjoys living with some of his new buddies. The GREAT NEWS — SIMON actually stood on all four legs for a few seconds this weekend! Can you believe it? We know we have another little fighter on our hands and we will rejoyce the day he can again walk.

On another happy note, here is Simon with his best friend, Bob. From the day Jo took in Simon, Bob and him have been inseparable. Bob is another kitty helped by 4 Paws 1 Heart and helped by Jo A. Bob was left behind by his owners. He was treated for months for diarrhea that was so bad it would just spill out of his little body. He has asthma but gets better each day. I hope seeing these photos and reading their stories lift your spirits on this cold, wintry day. And, remember, it’s only because of the generosity of our supporters, can we continue to make miracles happen. ~ dianaSimoSimon and bob 2:5:18simon and bob -- 2:5:18

Astraya – Abused and Neglected and Left Behind by Her Owner

12/19/17 – Astraya was left behind when her owner relapsed after years of sobriety and moved. She was severely neglected and although very sweet and loving, acts as if she may have been abused. She had severe mange-like symptoms and had a hole in her armpit from eating at it . There was also a sore on her neck that was so bad, she would yelp if anyone tried to go near it. Astraya would cry softly if anyone touched her poor neglected and abused body. Thankfully, we were contacted and Astraya was seen by one of our vets last week. Astraya was treated for what the doctor thinks was the result of a severe flea infestation and by the next day Astraya was feeling much better. She will have a follow-up visit on Wednesday. Astraya will be looking for her forever home once she is healthy and has had time to decompress and get some long overdue love. Anyone interested in Astray should e mail Sue at: sensibynature@yahoo.com ~ dianaastraya 12:15:17astraya 12:16:17astraya w:tammi white

Rose – Pulled from a High-Kill Shelter

11/1/16 . Meet Rose!****🌹
An absolutely beautiful, unique and super affectionate Calico who was pulled from a high-kill shelter. At the time, she was very emaciated and flea infested.
She is 14 months old and ready for a loving fur-ever home. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for all of her medical needs. Rose tested negative for feline leukemia and HIV. She has been dewormed, spayed, and has had her rabies vaccination, flea treatment and is current on her Distemper.
Rose’s rescuer says that Rose is “very sweet, loves to be petted, enjoys a sunny spot or a window sill and is wonderful with children and other felines. She also loves to curl up in your lap.
She would be the purr-fect addition to any family. 🐱” . Anyone interested in adopting this beauty should contact Karen at: kcarta19@gmail.com . ~ Diana