Just talked to Gina and Hercules is resting comfortably at home after his long ride to Lansing and back. Although the fracture specialist was not available, he was seen by a doctor who will review his findings with the specialist and get back to us by the middle of next week. Thus far, the doctor today is agreeing with Dr. Balaj and saying that an operation may not be possible.┬áThe MSU doctor believes that with concentrated therapy, Hercules could have a shot at a reasonably good life but it will take a special family to give him what he needs. To all of our donors, I will be in touch just in case Hercules cannot be operated on, we will be happy to return your donation. Although, I will say that every day there are many dogs and cats who face the cruelty that Hercules had, and 4 Paws 1 Heart is always there to help as much as we can. But for now, we’ll hold tight until we hear from the other specialist and I will let everyone know by e-mail, facebook, and website. Thank You and May God Bless everyone for their prayers and donations. Dogs and cats are amazing creatures who continue to love unconditionally and I feel blessed that we’ve been able to help so many. ~ diana