Response to Scott Randall, WRIF Radio Personality

Scott Randall, WRIF Radio Personality posted Hercules’ story on our page.  Here is my response:

As President and Co-founder of 4 Paws 1 Heart, I want to first thank Scott for posting this. Secondly, I want to just say that this case was difficult and no one should be blamed but the abuser/torturer. Companion animals are considered ‘property’ under the laws of this State and fall under the Agriculture Department. This means when laws and policies are enacted, they apply to cows, chickens, dogs, cats, pigs. Poor Hercules was this man’s property and as such has every “right” to refuse treatment for his property, etc. The judge and prosecutor had to work within the confines of the laws. There was no proof, the injury occurred over 2 months ago, and a very caring Animal Control Officer who was dealing with his first cruelty case was mostly worried about getting Hercules out of danger and keeping him out of danger. We want Hercules to be the poster boy for thousands of the tortured, abused, and neglected cats and dogs that are seen by rescue groups and animal saviors each and every day in this country. People need to be made aware as Lisa said and start saying “Hell No, We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore. People need to report abuse (that’s how Hercules ended up getting saved), they need to open their homes to fostering and adopting, they need to contact their legislators, and they need to donate. And, God Bless so many people, they are donating for Hercules and the others our partner rescues and 4P1H are meeting each day.  We are proud that, with the exception of one AT&T bill, every dollar donated to 4P1H goes directly to veterinarians to pay medical bills for these abandoned souls. So again, thank you, and please get involved” ~ diana

Hercules Update

Hercules is becoming quite the star. He’ll be visiting friends at the Paul Mitchell School in Sterling Heights next week. They’ve been having a fundraiser for him. He’s already been doing some neighborhood garage schools. And, sometime in the next two weeks, he should be going for his first hydrotherapy session. We still haven’t heard back from Michigan State but our doctors will be following up and we’ll be updating everyone. We want to continue to thank everyone praying and donating money and services. We’re hoping that Hercules can be the poster boy for all of the tortured, abused, and neglected cats and dogs who are saved each day by the dedicated rescue groups that we strive to help. ~ diana