More Hercules Informaiton

More Information about Hercules as we’ve had many adoption inquiries. — A Fracture Specialist from Michigan State is going to review his case, so towards the end of the week or next week for sure he will contact us. Things have been crazy with lots of ups and downs. In the meantime we’re doing physical therapy for him. He is in good spirits and just a lover… Potential adoption is a long ways away for Hercules. His long-term prognosis with these injuries is guarded and only time will tell when/if pain sets in. He may need amputation in the future depending on how things go, so he is a special needs puppy, but we are doing all we can for him and will continue.. Thank You to everyone for your support and we’ll keep updates on his progress. If and when the time for adoption comes up, we’ll let everyone know. His home will depend on the requirements needed for him to fulfill a good quality of life but because of the generosity of so many, he will definitely have the funds he needs. More information to follow. ~ Gina and Diana