Angels Supporting Animals Presents Check

And this is why we are able to help so many of our rescue friends and continue to fund medical bills for the abandoned and abused — Our new friends from Angels Supporting Animals presented the 4 Paws 1 Heart Board with a check from their  recent fundraiser where 4P1H was a lucky recipient. Deborah Vitale, founder of ASA, is the owner of A Pet’s Pal and I encourage all of you to check out the Facebook pages and the websites. The mission of ASA is to help raise funds for other animal advocacy groups — a true Godsend when you consider that the rescue groups spend so much of their free time actually rescuing. We look forward to future fundraising events to help other groups in our region. (Missing from this photo are Gina DeLuca and Cynthia Wojtowycz, and Darlene Chiappetta) THANK YOU ~ diana



Here I am with the Board of Angels Supporting Animals. ~ diana

Cruelty of Dog Fighting

Please take the time to read this and share this. It will turn your stomach but it’s important for people to know the cruelty of dog fighters, including Michael Vick.

Animal Legal Defense Fund  Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick 

Please contact Speaker Bolger (Michigan) and tell him that you want Senate Bills 356, 357, and 358 to be scheduled for vote on the House floor. These have already been passed in the Senate. If passed in the house, the bills will go to the Governor for signing. These bills are sponsored by Senators Bieda, Jones, and Johnson. ~ diana