Charlie, Parvo Positive and Fighting for his Life

He is Parvo Positive, hospitalized, and trying to fight for his life. Charlie is a 16#, black and white, Husky Shepherd Mix (per previous owner), 13 weeks old. 4 paws 1 heart is paying all medical bills for Charlie to get better and then a rescue is lined up to take him for fostering and permanent placement. Charlie is one of the countless puppies this year who will be fighting for his life from this Virus. Please have your pet vaccinated! The calls are swarming into the clinics DESCRIBING PARVO SYMPTOMS IN PUPPIES ALREADY! Without treatment your pet will die and Parvo is expensive to treat. I hate this time of year because we see so many puppies sick:(
~ gina

Snickers At the Eye Doctor

Stain testing Snickers’ eye. Snickers studied really hard and he PASSED! Doctor said he may see some black specks floating around for the rest of his life…but what is the big deal?? He is alive because of all Joey, Joanne,Gina DeLuca, 4 paws 1 heart and all of you, Snickers warriors & supporters! THANK YOU!!