St Clair Shores K9 Fundraiser

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 “We Did It!!! The residents of St. Clair Shores and the friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart and Angels Supporting Animals once again showed what a community who comes together can do. We met our goal and the St. Clair Shores K-9 Unit will get all of the additional equipment needed to enhance the unit. We want to thank Colleen’s Irish Pub for all of their support, generosity, wonderful staff, great food and music. We’ll provide more details later in the week. Again, a big Thank YOU. ~ diana

Kennedy Is Doing Great

Kennedy is doing GREAT, but I am very sad to say that one by one all of the other 12week old puppies in this litter have died from Parvo. I just found out today that the last puppy died this morning. This makes me so upset because Parvo is preventable! Please have your pet VACCINATED so that people like us don’t have to keep watching innocent puppies die! We took Kennedy because she was the first one showing symptoms. She was sick 2 days before I was contacted. Another group took a puppy, but I’m unsure of the status. Last I heard the pup was receiving a blood transfusion. The rest died in this mans home because he had no money to treat them and he wasn’t willing to surrender them. He thought he could, “make money” off of selling puppies instead this is the 2nd litter, 13 puppies later, 8 suffered and died. This man is on disability and does not drive.  He has agreed to surrender the female.  4 Paws 1 Heart will pay for spaying and any other medical needs and the Detroit Bully Corps has offered to take her in.  Dog Aide 2012 has offered to transport her to DBC if needed.

Kennedy Needs Puppy Prayers

2/19/13  HELP–Prayers and Rescues Needed: Kennedy is in need of some major puppy prayers. She is 13 weeks old, 13 pounds, and trying to fight off Parvo virus. Her owner decided to breed pit bulls because he thought he could sell them to make money! However, he didn’t learn the first time when 4 puppies died a slow suffering death one after another from parvo. He decided to breed again and this happens to be a litter of 6! He has no money to care for any of the puppies and I’m afraid that they are all going to die. I’m so sick of watching puppies die as a result of stupidity because people have no value on a living creature! If anyone is in a position to help any of the rest of the litter please let me know ASAP at [email protected]~ Gina

2/22/13  UPDATE ON Kennedy: I’m so happy to post that our Parvo pup has almost made a 100% recovery. Today she has pep in her step and she began to eat and keep it down. We are looking now for someone to foster her for a rescue group or take her into a rescue. She is about ready to go! Thank all for your puppy prayers! Aggressive medical treatment helped her live!! ~ Gina

Snickers Got Adopoted

Snickers was adopted February 15, 2012 by facebook friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart and the mom and dad of a kitty adopted by our friends at A Scooter’s ResQ. He will be one spoiled kitty! ~ diana
Presenting….Sir Snickers Joey Gudenau!
For all the Snickers’ fan and warriors….Snickers is doing fantastic in his new home. It hasn’t been even 24 hours and it feels like he has always been here. I will post more pics tomorrow! Snickers says thank you all for your love ans prayers…they worked! [Snickers’ middle name is for the boy angel that, thank goodness found him that night]

Atticus Gets Medical Help

4 Paws 1 Heart is once again happy that we have the resources to help our rescue friends. We have paid for Atticus’ vet examination and ask everyone for their prayers and best wishes for this handsome boy to recover and find a forever, loving home. ~ diana
You can see his hips. Ribs spine shoulder. Everything thing but now at least his lil belly is plump n full w yummy food. It the only thing on him now that’s not sunken in on him. So it not to bad I guess it could be worse. re for now dealing with a fever and URI. and is like 7 lbs or so under weight.. dr. said to dangerous to move him until he strong enough to get some of his puppy shots etc. so on 4 small meals a day with liquid balanced vit. and antibiotics and lots of fluids.

Beautiful Alaska

We are so happy to be able to share the success of our rescue friends by helping them with their medical bills for the animals they save. 4 Paws 1 Heart is sending some medical dollars for Alaska. ~ diana
Beautiful Alaska (Ali for short) is looking for her furever home! She was saved by Warren Animal Control from a horrible neglect case where she was all skin + bones. Macomb County fattened her up and sent her out to be spayed. When she tested Heartworm +, she became rescue pull only. Seeing Ali sit there filled of Heartworms, we immediately made room for her! Ali’s heartworm is only stage 1!!!! She will be better in no time! This crazy wiggle butt loves to cuddle. Alaska will be up for adoption soon! Email [email protected] for more info about adopting Alaska! Also, A BIG THANK YOU to her amazing foster parents for helping us save this little girl!!!!!

Josie Finds a Foster Home

February 19, 2013 This dog showed up on the porch of one of our facebook friends. Her co-worker said that she would give her a home but after spaying and obedience training, the person felt the dog was too strong for her to control. The owners name is Pat. Her contact info is [email protected]. She is currently being boarded at her Union Lake Vet in Waterford but the vet will only keep her another week as a favor to the owner. Josie is being medicated with Prozac and zanax and feels Josie should continue on these meds because they feel she has severe separation anxiety. She is 35 lbs and approx 1.5 yrs old and mixed with Staffordshire terrier. We’re putting out a call for help to all of our rescue friends. ~ diana

February 26, 2013 Update: Tonya Fransioli
“HI, want to thank you again for posting Josie. While she hasn’t found a forever home, she did get picked up by Pitbull Parents Rehab and Rehome, and I am happy for that. They posted some pics of her on fb and it appears she is doing great. Thanks again ~Tonya”
February 26, 2013 Update:

Check Out Josie’s new photo’s on the Pitbull Parents’ fb page. How nice to see her out of a kennel and on a couch. Here’s what her new foster family has to say: ~ diana

“Josie – Itty Bitty Pittie (5 photos)
Everyone – Meet Josie our Itty Bitty New Pittie. Josie is about 1-2 years old and loves people! She loves people so much, she doesn’t want to be left alone. Other than her little quirk to keep you close by, she is full of energy and loves to sit on your lap and give you kisses.”