Jane From Mutts of Motown

2/25/13  4 Paws 1 Heart received this request from Mutts of Motown and after doing our research, we just had to help. I continue to thank God for the selfless rescues who use their own money to help those who can’t help themselves and give these animals the love and respect they too ofent have never had. ~ diana

“This is Jane. She was living in an empty house on Jane st. in detroit with a few other strays. A lady in the area has been feeding them, and I’ve been helping her get one at a time out of there. Most of our rescues are sent to other rescues as there are too many for my small group to handle. I sent two black labs to animal welfare society, the first with her pups she’d had in the empty house. Jane was supposed to go to Precious Pets Rescue this Monday, but on Sunday, the neighbor called to say that a strange pack of dogs came out of nowhere and attacked her and she thought they were killing her. By the time I got there the strange pack was gone and jane was in the empty house, bleeding and very injured. I put a collar and leash on her and she walked to the truck as if to say “get me out of here”. On Monday I took her in; I had already started her on anti-biotics for the many severe puncture wounds. She has heartworm, and is 4 or 5 years old. The 6/gratiot area has been a heartworm area for a few years, our vet seems to think it might be advanced. The other rescue refused to take her, as the foster they had lines up couldn’t keep her seperate from her other dogs, and, Jane, is understandably defensive now. I am determined to help her, as she has not once shown me any sign of human aggression, and seems leash and house trained too. ~ Laura

Welcome Angel

2/25/13  4 Paws 1 Heart received a request for help from our friends at Vigilante Dog Rescue. Please say an extra prayer tonight for all of these unwanted, abused animals who are roaming are streets needing our help. ~ diana

“Everyone, please welcome Angel, the newest canine crew member here at Vigilante Dog Rescue! Freezing, frostbitten, emaciated and completely alone, she sought shelter from the storm last night on someone’s front porch in Detroit- and that someone got in touch with us. We were not planning on taking in any dogs, were only one dog away from being at our capacity once again after Pumpkin Mama’s adoption two weeks ago…but this one dog, this furry Angel, was the dog meant to fill that emergency vacancy in our head foster’s home and heart. Estimated to be somewhere around 7 or 8 years old, with ears bloodied from frostbite, a half healed wound on her back, and every bone sticking out from her starving body, Angel needed us- and she needed us NOW. So we immediately took her to our vet for the full intake exam and begin her vaccines- half given today, the rest tomorrow to go easy on her so vulnerable system- and a heartworm test- which by the grace of whatever higher being there is was a big fat NEGATIVE!! From the moment our director first laid eyes and gentle, kind hands on Angel, it was clear there was just something about her that was special, a warrior’s spirit inside her broken body…so gentle, sweet, and trusting of humans despite how severely she was failed by our species, Angel is one of those special dogs who instantly enters and grabs your heart in the most primal of ways and never, ever lets go. Angel is now a part of our rescue, and a part of each of our souls as well, and the story her sad eyes tell will only get better and brighter from here on out.