Gina’s Kittens

March 19, 2013 ¬†All the kids are doing great! We are just learning how to eat on our own and use the litter box! This is a very slow and messy process as mommy Gina is going through a TON of laundry and yesterdays news:) Two of us, “Chip and Vanellope”¬†prefer the bottle over the plate, but we should all be eating better by the end of the week. Thank u all for your support as we have had a little rough start in life, but everything will hopefully b ok:) ~ Gina

Charlie in his New Home

Charlie is doing wonderfully in his new home with his new foster dad. He is getting tons of love, attention, training and play time. Thanks to Doctor Balaj, Charlie survived his parvo treatment and he will live a long happy life. Our friends at Dog Aide – 2012 will make sure that his future will be filled with unconditional love. ~ Gina