Happy September 1, 2013

Happy September 1, 2013. We just wanted to share an update on one of the babies we were able to help because of the wonderful support we get from our friends. Here was her story in January, 2013:

“Vixen was brought to Emergency and our attention as an 8-week old puppy that needed emergency surgery to save her life. She had a rare condition where her intestines were strangulated, cutting off the blood supply which is critical to her survival. With surgery from Dr. Venet, Vixen fully recovered and she was placed into a forever home.” ~gina

We were just sent this photo of Sassy (aka Vixen) who is now much bigger, stronger, and traveling the world with her new mommy who is forever grateful to us for saving her life. Sassy was a perfect fit for her new mommy who was looking for a sweet, furry companion. ~gina