9/20/13 – STRAY CAT BEING EATEN ALIVE BY MAGGOTS. Please think about the next time you let your cat outdoors. This was an owned cat that was found by two good Samaritans in Harrison Township who were horrified when they heard the cries.. Not only was he being eaten alive with maggots, but he had a broken leg, broken jaw, and he was walking around with his eye popped out and ruptured for at least a week!!!! 4 Paws 1 heart was willing to pay for whatever treatment necessary, but despite all efforts from our veterinarian and emergency staff it was just to late. He didn’t make it.. Can anyone tell me WHY this isn’t totally preventable?!?! I know it’s very sick, but this is reality and If I don’t show you then you won’t know the dangers that exist. On behalf of veterinary staff everywhere, we don’t enjoy seeing the suffereing either, but it’s our job to educate..  Gina

Update on Keller

9/20/13 – Just a short update from Pat on our Keller who will be getting his stitches out and his first round of vaccinations next week. ~ diana
“Keller is doing very well and getting big. He is very busy exploring everything and he is a really good climber.” ~ Pat