A huge thank you to the participants of the Macomb County Employee Casual Day Program

9/24/13 – A huge thank you to the participants of the Macomb County Employee Casual Day Program for making 4 Paws 1 Heart the recipients of their donations during the month of August. Those of you who know me know that my two passions (besides my family) are Macomb County and making a difference for abandoned animals. I’ve not only lived in the County for the past 41 years but during my career worked for many years with a variety of Macomb County departments. I’ve always felt that Macomb County had some of the most dedicated and efficient employees amongst all of the counties I worked with. Many animals will be helped because of their generosity. ~ diana

Click on Detroit – Rescue Groups Not Giving Up

9/24/13 – Click On Detroit picked up an edited version of a press release from Detroit Bully Corp including the many rescues and animal advocacy groups (like 4P1H) who are working TOGETHER to make a difference. ~ diana

Detroit made internationals headlines when Bloomberg News reported as many as 50,000 stray dogs are roaming …

Phoenix was Rescued

9/24/13 – 4 Paws 1 Heart is so grateful to our caring rescue friends who help us in placing animals we have helped with medical bills. One of these animals is Phoenix. Phoenix was rescued from a home who kept ‘rescuing’ cats although the person had very limited income and room. Of the kittens taken from the ‘rescuer’, a number of them came down with Panleuk. Not everyone made it, but those who did survive are doing well and some have been adopted. Although we helped, Tigerlily spent many dollars in helping these babies through this deadly illness which is likened to the Parvo virus with puppies. This is Phoenix who continues to require medical assistance; he is just not thriving as we would help. Thank You to Tigerlily for always being there for our kitties and us. I’m thankful that we are able to again send a few dollars to your vet to help with Phoenix’s high medical bills. Please pray for Phoenix and make sure you check out their fb page. ~ diana

MooMoo and Sunkist

9/1/13 — These little sweethearts were rescued by a young lady in St. Clair Shores. Gina has them now and will be taking them to the Emergency with her tomorrow to vet them and make sure they are healthy. They are in need of a forever home, a foster, and/or a rescue. Please contact Gina at [email protected] if you can fill one of the roles. Thanks! ~ diana