Meet Sammy

9/9/13 MEET SAMMY — Just a little guy brought into the Emergency with radial damage to his leg and burned paw prints. He will eventually need to have his leg removed. Our good friends with Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren (PAAWP has taken in Sammy to find his forever home.

As I’ve said so many times before, the need never ends and we are just so thankful for our many supporters who donate dollars so that we can take care of the abandoned and abused like little Sammy, Keller, Hercules, and so many more.


9/9/13 – PRAYERS AND POSITIVE ENERGY NEEDED: Early tomorrow morning our little Keller will be having surgery to remove his eyes. He will be taken to the vet today so that he will be ready first thing in the a.m. Our good friend, Dee (mother of Snickers), feels very strongly that Keller will be fine and that her dad, whose birthday is September 10 and is now in heaven, will be watching over Keller during his surgery. Here was Dee’s posting two weeks after her dad passed away last year. ~ diana

“Last night I decided to ask Dad to send me a sign that he is at peace, is happy and to see if he is smiling again.

I go to bed, wake up, go feed the 4 black feral kitties that hang in our lot next door. These cats true feral cats, they run when you get near them (but I’m working on them). So anyway, I get my coffee, going to lounge in bed for a few and Rick comes in with his coffee and says – there is a black kitty sitting under the patio table. I jump up and I say “HANK” – that was Hank spot when she wanted fed. Hank was the first feral kitty we started feeding –that was last winter -she came near us but never touched us. We haven’t seen Hank for 2-3 months, right after she moved her kitties from a short stay in our woodpile.

I run out to feed Hank, to see if it was Hank – AND IT WAS! She did her little dance around rubbing on the patio chairs & table. I love Hank. (remember, Hank is a black color kitty)

So I go back into the house all elated. Hank is safe. Then I started to think about it…Dad sent Hank to tell me he was happy. How do I know this?? When we were home 2 weeks ago, My sister Sharon Brown Furbee was going through pictures she brought and she says “here do you want this one, I have an extra one” (it is the only one she had a double of)

The photo here is the one that my sister gave me.
If you don’t believe….maybe you should start.” dee