Gracie – She Was Being Used for Breeding and Now She is Heart Worm Positive

7/29/16 – Meet Gracie and her sad story as told to us by her rescuer:

“Gracie’s owner was a neighbor of a friend. The neighbor breeds animals and Gracie was about to have her puppies when I met her and she had her puppies on Thanksgiving day. So that’s about how long I’ve known her. She was kept in the back room of the house or on the chain outside. She was fed but that was the extent to her time with people basically. She was around a smaller dog pretty much all her life so she’s very good with all dogs. She is very submissive with a sweet personality. She gets along with cats as well. She’s just an honest to God sweheart. Even while driving she was just gazing into my eyes trying to lick me and inch over as close as she could to my lap. She doesn’t want to stop being touched and paid attention to. She’s just the sweetest girl. Fortunately, the owner was finished with using Gracie so he surrendered her to me. I took Gracie to the vet and found someone who would take her in and care for her until a permanent home could be found, but, unfortunately, it was discovered that Gracie is heart worm positive.”

Although donations have been slow as I earlier reported and the demand has, obviously, been very high, we know that we have a couple of fundraisers coming up and we couldn’t turn Gracie away. This very sweet girl deserves a better life and 4 Paws 1 Heart would like to play a role in that. So, we will be paying for Gracie’s treatment with prayers that she will one day be healthy and loved and no longer used. ~ dianaGracie 7:29:16

Stormy – Found on the Side of the Street

8/28/16 – Stormy was rescued during a recent storm. He was on the side of the road. Stormy had a severe upper respiratory infection, was coughing and wheezing, and had several wounds on his body. We were contacted for help and, of course, we said ‘yes’. Stormy was taken to the vet and he is now doing well in a foster home. Anyone interested in this sweetie or wanting more information, should contact Rachel at: [email protected] ~ Diana

stormy 8:28:1612/21/16 Update – Stormy is finally over his pneumonia and is getting ready to be spayed. He is looking great.stormy-wrachel-gerstner

Mama and Kittens – Being Sold on the Street

8/27/16 – A caring person was concerned about a cat she saw advertised for $25 so she purchased her. Shortly after, the female gave birth to 5 kittens. Once again, 4 Paws 1 Heart was asked to help with wellness checks, snap testing, spaying/neutering and vaccinations for the family. All of the kittens have homes and when they are old enough they will all be fixed, complements of 4p1h; the mom was recently spayed, tested, and vaccinated and is doing well. We are always happy to ensure more kittens are not brought into this world.mama and kittens 8:27:16

Kitten – Found Emaciated and Flea Infested – RIP Sweet Boy

8/26/16 – RIP Sweet Kitty: We received a call for help from a kind family who came home from work and found a very sick kitty on their porch. They eventually learned that their neighbor had seen the kitten and planned to take him in but not before they treated him for fleas. They then proceeded to give this poor baby two flea baths; I’m sure not knowing how deadly over the counter flea medications can be to our animals, especially those who may not be healthy. The kind family tried helping the kitty by keeping him in a box on their porch but couldn’t bring him into their house because they had a senior cat. At our direction, the kitty was taken into Wilson’s Veterinary and the doctor determined that the kitty was more than likely in renal failure. He was suffering and the prognosis for recovery was grim. The doctor, the rescuer, and I all thought that the baby’s suffering should end so that he could peacefully cross the rainbow bridge. Please take a moment to say a little prayer for all of these poor abandoned animals walking the streets trying to fend for themselves in a world where not everyone values the love and importance of our four-legged friends.kitten - RIP Sweet Kittie8:26:16.

Kittens – There Were Five of Them Dropped Off at a Local Police Department

4 paws 1 heart is happy to support the wonderful men and women of the Clinton Township Police Department and recognize them for their undying efforts to save animals who are brought to them. 4 paws 1 heart will gladly cover their medical needs and we are thrilled that two officers will be adopting two of the babies.  Here is Chance’s report:

“Hello Team!!!! Well our nitenite post is going to be a bit different then I planned. Meet our 6 new babies! They were dropped off at our local police station by a caring individual. Their mama hadn’t been seen for 2 days and they were under a deck hungry and dirty. We most definitely support our local police, so when our SuperHeroes need a SuperHero, of course it’s Chance to the rescue! Us SuperHeroes gotta stick together! They’ve all had nice warm baths, Capstar, love, food and of course lullabies from Aunt Shelly and they’re all tucked in for the night. They’re about 5 wks old, 3 orange, 2 black and 1 tabby and we love them!!! Great big Thankyou to the Clinton Twsp P.D. for taking these sweet kids in and Aunt Shelly for your help as always
We been so busy with our new babies that we all still need our treats and cuddles and Cubbie needs her bottle. So we will say our nitenites and we’ll see you all tomorrow! Love, purrrs, woofs and lots of mews.”kittens from Clinton Twp Police - 8:24:16
Chance & the Gang

Viper – Emaciated, Flea and Tick Infested, and Suffering from an Upper Respiratory Infection

8/24/16 – Meet Viper. He wandered onto the property of a very kind person who immediately contacted us when she saw how emaciated and sick he was. Viper was very sweet and was taken to the veterinary clinic the following day. Thankfully, Viper was fiv/felv negative but he was infested with fleas and a deadly tick was found on his weak little body; he also had a severe upper respiratory infection. The little guy is estimated to be 4 months but weighed less than 3 pounds. All of Viper’s medical needs including vaccinations and neutering will be taken care of by 4 Paws 1 Heart and once he is healthy, his rescuer, Diana, will be seeking a forever loving home. If you are interested in Viper, please contact Diana at: [email protected] Another life saved just in time. ~ dianaviper w:diana hawkins 8:11:16viperw:dianahawkins8:8:16

Max – Several Times He Was Almost Hit By Cars

8/23/16 – Once again we were able to help in another case where the rescuer had worked with 4 Paws 1 Heart on another lost soul who was saved. This time, the rescue is this handsome dog who was running in the middle of the street. Several times he was almost hit by a car. The rescuer clapped his hands and Max came running towards him. Max immediately fit into the home with the other rescue dog and we were happy to pay for Max to be examined, vaccinated, heart worm tested, and neutered. Max also has a skin condition whereby some of his fur is falling off. We know that Max will have a loving and safe life with his new dad and we are confident that with medical treatment, his fur will be back to normal. ~ dianaMax w:matt bahr 8:20:16

Mocha – Found Running in the Middle of the Street

8/22/16 – The same caring family who rescued Isaac, the paralyzed kitten who is being cared for by our Board member, rescued again; and this time, she is a very sweet dog who was wandering in the middle of the street. The dog had no identification and no owner could be found. The family took her in and named her Mocha. Shortly after the rescue, the family was called away on an emergency and when they returned, a once healthy Mocha was lethargic and had blood in her urine. They once again called on 4 Paws 1 Heart for help. We authorized Mocha to be seen by a veterinarian and, fortunately, it was found that Mocha had a urinary tract infection that could be treated. We were happy to help Mocha get a second chance at love. ~ dianamocha w:ryanbeets 8:21:16

Skye, Chloe, and Asher – Raised as Bottle Babies

8/21/16 – Two of these babies were rescued as bottle babies and one was taken away from his mom way too early. Fortunately, a kind person took them in, contacted us, and we helped with their medical needs. The number of cats and kittens being found abandoned and stray has been overwhelming. We are so appreciative for the many people who have opened their hearts and their homes. ~ dianaskye 8:21:16chloe 8:21:16asher 8:21:16