Mittens – Outside and Longing for a Loving Home

3/1//17 – Meet Mittens. She showed up on someone’s porch and, since the end of summer, wouldn’t stop following the homeowner every time she went outside. The homeowner finally brought her into her home and kept her separate from all of her pets. Mittens proved to be very loving and cuddly. Unfortunately, the homeowner couldn’t keep her and contacted us for medical help as well as help in finding her a home. We definitely took care of paying for her medical needs which always includes spaying/neutering and our good friend Rachel G, found a foster for this sweet baby. Please contact Rachel at: [email protected] if you are interested in adopting this sweetheart. ~ dianamittens 3:1:17mittens -- 3:1:17

Meadow – Resting Comfortably After Her Skin Graft

2/28/17 – Meadow Update – Meadow’s rescuer and foster mom picked her up yesterday and she is now resting comfortably after days in the hospital and some very difficult surgery. The foster mom says she is very frisky for all she has ben through. Meadow had two teeth pulled to help the jaw line up better and also had skin pulled up from the neck to cover the de-gloved area on her mouth and chin. There are many stitches plus one on each side of the jaw to hold the skin better.
Meadow would have never been able to be saved if it wasn’t for the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart and our generous donors. The kind people who rescued Meadow were conducting TNR which usually includes only spay/neuter and basic vaccines. They are not capable of paying for such expensive and extensive medical treatment as was needed by Meadow. Meadow must have been in pain for a long time and it’s just proof of the resilience of animals that she was still around to be saved. Please continue to say a prayer for Meadow because the possibilities of infections after skin grafts are significant and we want nothing more than for Meadow to heal and find her forever, loving home. ~ diana
meadow 1 - 2:28:17

Daisy and Kizzy – Living in a Crate in a Home Without Heat or Running Water

2/28/17 – Meet Daisy and Kizzy. They spent their life in a tiny crate in a home without heat, running water, and most of all love. A young couple who lived next door would hear the constant crying and barking from inside the house. They approached their neighbor and he surrendered the dogs to them. The couple knew they could not afford to keep these sweeties but decided that it was better to save them now and try to find them a good home. The person who contacted us had seen Daisy and Kizzy’s story and the request for help on facebook. They then contacted us to see if we could help, if she brought the animals to her home. Of course, we said “Yes”. They were taken to the vet last week where it was found that Daisy had an organism in her feces caused by drinking stagnant water or water that was contaminated with mouse/bug feces. Thank God, no heart worm. They were vaccinated and treated for the organism and they are now in their forever loving home. As you can see, these little puppies went from the ‘outhouse’ to the ‘penthouse’. ~ dianakizzy and daisy w:karen corless 2:27:17

Thorin – 8 Years Old with Glaucoma

2/27/17 – We’ve helped this handsome guy a few times since he was first rescued last summer and we are happy that we could be there for him again during a recent emergency. I am so thankful for our supporters who make this possible as well as the veterinarians who are willing to work with us, and, of course, those individuals who put everything aside to save the abandoned and abused. Here is a report from Thorin’s rescuer and foster mom. ~ diana
“We have had a rough week of ups and downs. This is our sweet rescue Thorin, now approx 8 years old, diagnosed last summer with Glaucoma. We had to make an emergency trip to the vets…thank you Diana and 4paws1heart for your help….he was not able to urinate and knowing he is FIV, I was alarmed watching him attempt over and over again, going from one litter box to the other in a state of panic. We rushed him to the vets, he was examined and found to not have a large bladder, but did discover a very thick lining. Lol, after poking and prodding, yep….he let out a stream, which made us both laugh. Good, as she needed a urine sample! After tests and blood work which ruled out crystals, kidney and liver problems, we are giving him antibiotics for possible infection and pain meds to calm him down so he doesn’t panic. We are also putting him on a Royal Canin wet food diet to get more moisture into his system. So far he is responding well.”Thorin

Meadow – Found With a Broken Jaw and Exposed Bone Under Her Mouth

meadow 2:27:172/26/17 – It’s appropriate that on a Sunday I ask for your prayers for this sweetheart, Meadow. We were contacted by a group who has been working to trap/neuter/return cats at a condominium complex. The prior management was happy to work with the group in allowing them to care for the animals and do TNR. Unfortunately, a new management company is now in place and they have called in a company called “pest control” company to trap and remove the cats. It is our experience that companies like this will find a way to illegally kill the cats or to “transfer” them to an area where they will surely die cruel deaths because they are unfamiliar with the area. The rescue group is trying to save as many cats as possible but the management has ordered that all of their traps be removed. In the process of setting traps outside of the property, sweet Meadow, who is one of the tamer cats in the colony, was trapped. Meadow, under one year old, was already TNR’d but when she was trapped the second time, it was seen that her mouth was injured. The rescue group brought her to a vet who put her under anesthesia and gave her a penicillin and convenia antimicrobial injection plus a capstar and frontline treatment. The vet then said that she needed a surgical consult because some skin is gone and it need to be determined if other skin could be pulled up and stitched to cover that part of her bottom lip. Meadow was taken to Wilson Veterinary where it was decided that a skin graft would be performed. But, in the process, of further examination, it was found that Meadow’s jaw had been broken and healed — although not properly. The options are to re-break the jaw, or just remove a couple of teeth which might help the alignment. It was decided to keep Meadow’s pain to a minimum and just remove the teeth when the skin graft is performed. She has been in the hospital waiting for surgery for about 5 days and is able to drink and eat. We are hoping that surgery will be done this weekend so that Meadow can be on the road to recovery. 4 Paws 1 Heart is committed to Meadow and will do whatever we can to help the rescue with their continuing TNR. Donations can be made by using the donate link on this page, our donate link on our website 4, or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080 . Thank you ~ diana

2/26/17 Update: Meadow had her surgery this morning and was doing well. She will be kept another day, with hopes of being released tomorrow. Also, it appears that the owners of the complex may be willing to work with the rescuers unlike the management company. More to follow. Рdiana

Rogue – Wanting to Be Warm and Loved

2/25/17 – Last week, I received the following e-mail:

“Dear 4Paws 1Heart,
I have been feeding a stray cat for about six months now. Every night he comes and sits on my step looking in. My heart breaks as he seems to want the company and the light but he is extremely afraid and I am not able to touch him. When the weather got so cold, I put out a warming pad and a shelter of sorts. Recently I noticed that he seems to now have an injured leg. Maybe he should be live trapped and seen by a veterinarian. I thought perhaps you could help me.”

Thankfully, our good friend and kitty trapper, Rachel G., was able to trap this sweet heart and get him to a vet where it was found that Rogue is FIV positive, has a broken ankle and an abscess that had healed, and he wasn’t neutered. Thank God for our Village of friends, because another friend, Jo A., took Rogue into her home and will try to socialize him and place him.

It truly takes a village of caring people who are willing to spend their precious time and money for the good of those most vulnerable in our society. (p.s. sorry that the photo is dark but hopefully you can see what a beautiful Maine Coon he is.)

rogue w:janet w:joaddington

Obie and Gizmo – Living With a Homeless Family

2/24/17 – Meet Obi and Gizmo. Our good friend, Rachel G., came across a young homeless man who has been living in his car with his dad and his two dogs who he loves very much. Rachel approached the young man and offered help. She was able to get food donations and 4 Paws 1 Heart offered to take care of much needed medical attention from dental work to neutering, vaccinations, and more. Unfortunately, animals aren’t the only living creatures who are often abandoned and we were very happy we could help the entire homeless family. ~ dianagizmo 2:24:17obie 2:24:17

Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Moe – Living Behind a Candy Factory

2/23/17 – The very fine people who work at Morley Candy in Macomb County has been working with our friends to TNR many cats who have been showing up on their property. In the process, there have been many cats who were either tossed out by their owners or who escaped from their homes. Meet Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe, and Tom. All of them are being adopted. Without your donations, these happy beginnings would not be possible. ~ diana

Morley Cats - 2- 2:23:17Morley Cats -1- 2:23:17Morley Cats -3-3 2:23:17morley cats 2:23:17

Abby – Her Owner Passed Away from Stage 4 Cancer

2/22/17 – DONATIONS SAVE LIVES. Abby was returned to Friends of Scooby Rescue around Christmas. Her adopter had passed away from stage 4 lung cancer. She was very attached to her adopter and his death has caused her great trauma to the point where she is showing the same depression and fear she had when she was first rescued from animal control. She is now with a foster family who have been healing her mind and soul and working with her on her anxiety. A few days ago a sore was noticed near Abby’s anus. When the sore got larger, we were called for help. Abby was taken to a veterinarian and it was determined that the abscess had ruptured. Consequently, Abby was treated and given strong doses of antibiotics. Please say a prayer for Abby that she can get over the loss of her dad and again find her forever home.~ diana P.S. Donations can be made through paypal by using the ‘donate’ link on this page or our or by check and sent to P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080abby 2:22:17

Noki – RIP Sweet Boy

2/21/17 – RIP Sweet Noki. We were contacted by our friend at Friends of Scooby about this very sweet Boxer whose family had already paid over $1,000 in trying to help their baby. Noki was in the hospital for 4 days and treated for Pancreatitis. He wasn’t even out the hospital door before he started vomiting again — but still he was released. The family could not afford to pay for any further medical nor could they pay for the food prescribed, so, for his good, they made the ultimate sacrifice and surrendered their special family member to the rescue. Unfortunately, Noki did not improve and we were contacted for help. We authorized Noki to go to a veterinary hospital where he was kept for 3 days. Finally, it was determined that Noki probably had cancer and was referred to Michigan State University for more poking and prodding. Due to his very poor prognosis and obvious suffering, it was decided by all parties who loved him, to relieve his suffering and let him cross the Rainbow Bridge. I wish that we could have saved Noki but God had other plans. All of our hearts are broken. ~ diananoki 2:218:17noki w:meganblass 2:21:17