SweetPea – She was Seen with Her Leg Dangling but Couldn’t Be Caught for Weeks

3/8/17 – It was a couple of weeks ago that I received a call for help from a local resident; a semi-feral cat they had been feeding showed up one night with its leg ‘dangling’. Our cat whisperer, Debra B., immediately jumped into action trying to catch this very injured kitty. At some point, she even saw it running away after she and the animal control officer had almost caught her but she remained elusive. Debra spent many sleepless nights thinking about this cat and what would potentially happen to her, out in the wild with a dangling leg. Yesterday, God was with her and the homeowner and Sweet Pea was trapped. Of course she was scared but she allowed Debra to pet her. She was immediately brought to Patterson Veterinary, Clinton Township. Patterson has so many great doctors who are always willing to call me and discuss the case; they always have the best interests of the animal and 4 Paws 1 Heart in mind. It was determined that Sweet Pea’s leg was totally shattered and could not be saved. With a full schedule ahead of her, the doctor and vet tech worked through their lunch hours so that Sweet Pea would no longer be in pain; her leg was amputated. Sweet Pea is doing well and has been picked up by our friend Jo A. who will work at socializing her, helping her to recover and eventually find her a forever, loving home. Because this was emergency surgery with limited time, Sweet Pea will have to go back for spaying but that will happen when appropriate. Please say a little prayer for Sweet Pea and if you have an extra dollar or two, your donation will continue to save lives. ~ dianasweetpea w:leg removal 3:7:17sweetpea 3:7:17

lexi w:sandra abrahamian 3:5:17lexi
lexi 3:6:173/7/17 – Her owners were dropping her off at a local high-kill shelter where she would have surely been euthanized. They no longer wanted her. Fortunately, the dedicated animal advocates who have been picketing at this shelter, were able to get the dog surrendered to them and they contacted 4 Paws 1 Heart for help. We were happy to help save another precious animal. She has seen a vet and will return to be spayed. Her name is now Lexi. It’s hard to believe what a difference a little care and love can make. We couldn’t keep saying “YES” without the financial support of our friends. ~ diana

Julius – Rescued from the Streets with an Abscess on His Cheek

Another Happy Update from a rescue friend:

Julius 3:1:17“Thank you, 4 Paws 1 Heart, and all who support you. When the snow flies, I’ve taken to feeding the neighbor critters; mostly kitties. Last year I took in a 2 yr old Siamese mix male, and with 4P1H’s help, he was vetted and neutered, staying with my furbaby and I till he found the right home. That day came two weeks ago. Hallelujah for Toepher! (see Toepher’s story by searching the website for Toepfer)
This past Tuesday was an even bigger day. Julius had been a mere flash of orange rounding the neighbor’s garage after an obvious visit to the ‘kitty cafe’ on the front porch. He’d spook at any sound, but came daily for sustenance. Eventually, with great patience, he’d sit on my lap before nibbles. I felt so honored. At the end of July, he had a large abscess on his cheek, and again, 4Paws helped with his care. Fast forward 7 months (looks like 7 is his lucky number) Julius is officially part of the fam and enjoying the quieter household without the youngster who wanted to play when he just wanted to enjoy being safe and fed. I may only be a furmom, but love both my treasures. I rescued them once, but they return the favor every single day.”

Rogue – From the Outside Looking In to a Forever, Loving Home

3/5/17 – Another happy beginning because of the dedication of our donors and animal advocates, and our wonderful veterinarians. We told his story earlier when a kind woman contacted us about a cat who appeared injured and who kept coming to her house each night. ~ diana

“I am the happiest person in the world right now.This is Rogue with his new mommy, Heather. He was rescued about 2 weeks ago with a broken leg. It took him a little bit to trust me, he is so sweet and beautiful and so far loving his new home. Thank you so much 4 paws 1 heart for taking care of his vetting , Rachel for transporting and doing his home check. I am so grateful for this happy ending. Makes my heart happy and full of love. Look at his cute little face looking at his new mom — Jo A. “rogue 3:5:17rogue w:janet w:joaddington

Carla – More of the Story

3/4/17 – This past Wednesday, I received a call from Megan of Friends of Scooby Rescue. She had been contacted about a cat who had been surrendered to Taylor Animal Shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized. This nine-week old sweetheart accidentally had a door closed on her resulting in the paralysis of her back legs. The accident happened ONE month prior. When Megan heard the story, she immediately thought of 4 Paws 1 Heart and what we’ve done with Chance, Isaac, and Faith. I immediately contacted Chance’s mom who, coincidentally, had already ‘tagged’ me about the soon-to-be killed kitten. To make a long story short. Chance’s mom (Denise) was thrilled to take on another kitty challenge and arrangements were made to get the baby out that night and brought to Team Chance. By Thursday, the kitten now known as ‘Carla’ (in honor of our recently deceased, Carlos) was on her way to The Kitty Clinic to get x-rays and be examined for blood in her urine. The good news is that Carla has a fractured pelvis. I say good news because at least we know what is causing the paralysis. Also, Denise has had experience with this condition in that she was the one who helped Soup recover fully. Carla was found to also have a urinary tract infection but she was negative for FIV/FeLV. On Monday, Carla will be assessed by Dr. Tari Kern to determine next steps. It truly takes a village of donors, rescuers, caretakers, and love to make a difference. You can see how just a little love over a 24 hour period made a difference in this sweetheart’s appearance. I will keep you updated. ~ dianacarla 1-3:3:17carla 3:4:17

Carla – Rescued Before She was Euthanized; Her Back Legs are Paralyzed

3/3/17 – Prayer Warriors Needed! 4 Paws 1 Heart has committed to another little one whose back legs appear to be paralyzed. Here is Chance’s posting after she arrived at the home of her new foster moms. Of course we will keep our supporters updated. ~ diana

“ITS TIME!!!! SHE’S HERE!!!! 4 PAWS 1 HEART TO THE RESCUE!!!! Team Chance, please meet Carla…Carla, please meet Team Chance! Carla is 9wks old and was an owner surrender at Taylor Animal Shelter after accidently having a door closed on her..a month ago 😢 rendering her back end paralyzed. She does have some movement in one leg, but it seems to be involuntary, more like a spasm.
Friends Of Scooby Animal Rescue reached out to Auntie Di at 4 Paws 1 Heart for help and of course 4 Paws said yes!!! Then Auntie Di reached out to us and of course we said yes! We will be making an appointment for Carla with our vet tomorrow for x-rays ect and see where we go from there. Meantime, Carla has had a nice warm bath and a yummy dinner and we’re letting her settle in a bit. Shes a sweet baby and we’re so happy to have her. We will be adding supplies to our Amazon Wishlist tonight that will help us care for our sweet new girl. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart, Welcome Carla!!! 4paws1heart.org – Chance”
carla 3:3:17carla -- 3:3:17

Mittens – Outside and Longing for a Loving Home

3/1//17 – Meet Mittens. She showed up on someone’s porch and, since the end of summer, wouldn’t stop following the homeowner every time she went outside. The homeowner finally brought her into her home and kept her separate from all of her pets. Mittens proved to be very loving and cuddly. Unfortunately, the homeowner couldn’t keep her and contacted us for medical help as well as help in finding her a home. We definitely took care of paying for her medical needs which always includes spaying/neutering and our good friend Rachel G, found a foster for this sweet baby. Please contact Rachel at: [email protected] if you are interested in adopting this sweetheart. ~ dianamittens 3:1:17mittens -- 3:1:17

Meadow – Resting Comfortably After Her Skin Graft

2/28/17 – Meadow Update – Meadow’s rescuer and foster mom picked her up yesterday and she is now resting comfortably after days in the hospital and some very difficult surgery. The foster mom says she is very frisky for all she has ben through. Meadow had two teeth pulled to help the jaw line up better and also had skin pulled up from the neck to cover the de-gloved area on her mouth and chin. There are many stitches plus one on each side of the jaw to hold the skin better.
Meadow would have never been able to be saved if it wasn’t for the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart and our generous donors. The kind people who rescued Meadow were conducting TNR which usually includes only spay/neuter and basic vaccines. They are not capable of paying for such expensive and extensive medical treatment as was needed by Meadow. Meadow must have been in pain for a long time and it’s just proof of the resilience of animals that she was still around to be saved. Please continue to say a prayer for Meadow because the possibilities of infections after skin grafts are significant and we want nothing more than for Meadow to heal and find her forever, loving home. ~ diana
meadow 1 - 2:28:17

Daisy and Kizzy – Living in a Crate in a Home Without Heat or Running Water

2/28/17 – Meet Daisy and Kizzy. They spent their life in a tiny crate in a home without heat, running water, and most of all love. A young couple who lived next door would hear the constant crying and barking from inside the house. They approached their neighbor and he surrendered the dogs to them. The couple knew they could not afford to keep these sweeties but decided that it was better to save them now and try to find them a good home. The person who contacted us had seen Daisy and Kizzy’s story and the request for help on facebook. They then contacted us to see if we could help, if she brought the animals to her home. Of course, we said “Yes”. They were taken to the vet last week where it was found that Daisy had an organism in her feces caused by drinking stagnant water or water that was contaminated with mouse/bug feces. Thank God, no heart worm. They were vaccinated and treated for the organism and they are now in their forever loving home. As you can see, these little puppies went from the ‘outhouse’ to the ‘penthouse’. ~ dianakizzy and daisy w:karen corless 2:27:17