1/4/22 – Meep is a one-eyed sweet boy who started living on on a very caring person’s porch during the severe weather of a couple of weeks ago. The homeowner contacted several rescues without any success and once the storm hit she didn’t have the heart to leave him outside so she brought him into her home and has been keeping him separated from her other cat until he could be tested and examined. Meep’s rescuer planned on taking him into All About Animals but was concerned there might be a longer term dental issue (you can see his snaggletooth protruding from his lower jaw) or other care that may not be in her budget at this time. He is an absolute sweetheart and as long as his testing comes back ok and introductions with her other cat go well she will be willing to give him a furever home.

We offered to cover Meep’s All About Animals visit as well as any dental issues needed. And, yesterday, Meep was tested and found negative for FIV and FelV, he has already been neutered and his rescuer paid for a microchip. The doctor examined his mouth and found Meep’s mouth and teeth to be healthy. He did indicate that because the ‘snaggletooth’ is so deep into Meep’s jaw, he would not recommend surgery. – diana. P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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