8/2/23 – Yesterday we were contacted about a very sweet cat who was thrown outside when her owners moved. Her rescuer, Cynthia, noticed she was pregnant and took her in. Within a few days (this past Sunday) she gave birth to 7 beautiful babies. Although, Callie was nursing her babies, her rescuer noticed that Callie was bleeding and appeared to be in distress. Cynthia contacted Orion Animal Hospital and was told that Callie needed to be seen asap. We authorized Callie to be seen at Orion Animal Hospital and Dr. Zalac contacted me to discuss what would be required. Callie was emaciated and would need a blood transfusion in order to safely have surgery. That is scheduled for this morning and a healthy cat fostered by a staff member will be donating blood (hopefully the right type). Then the Dr. will perform exploratory surgery to determine the extent of the issue which is suspected to be a very infected uterus. Everyone has already fallen in love with this good Mama and I will get a report later and will report back on FB. Paws crossed. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080