8/24/23 – It was yesterday when Dawn again contacted us about another of her furbabies who are members of her small cat colony. His name is Elliot. Elliot had been ‘dumped’ at her house about a year ago and quickly was able to fit in with the other community cats. He became a fast friend of Tipper. But, again, Dawn was faced with the fact that she had another very sick cat in her colony. The signs came on quickly, lethargic, throwing up bile, didn’t want to eat. An appointment was made for him to be seen at Orion Animal Hospital today but, sadly, he just passed away before he could get there. Again, Elliot crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of his loving caretaker. He is now in peace and no longer in pain.

Please remember the many rescuers, community caretakers, and animals on our streets when you say your prayers tonight. We all do what we can and your support does make a difference even when it means a peaceful passing to the next journey. – diana

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8/24/23 – Sorry for the Sad News lately but it truly has been a heartbreaking couple of months for the many animal advocates in our communities.

In the past month, our friend, Dawn, who cares for a small cat colony and whom we’ve helped with medical treatment, has lost two of her furbabies. Last month, she contacted us about Tipper who was born in her garage while the mom was waiting to be taken to All About Animals for ‘tnr’ She’s 6 years old now. When Dawn contacted us on July 23 she said that Tipper was very weak and lethargic, and had barely eaten in 4 days. Tipper was being treated with sub-q fluids but it wasn’t helping and Dawn was fearful that Tipper had FIP or FeLV. Dawn mentioned that we had Tipper’s mother and both her brothers to be seen and treated in the past few years. Unfortunately, all 3 of them had to be put to sleep from either FIP or FeLV. And now, after 6 years, Tipper was seriously ill.

Gina was able to arrange a quick appointment for Tipper at Moore Veterinary Hospital. Blood work was performed but the diagnostics indicated that Tipper was severely ill and although the doctor and staff did everything possible, it wasn’t going to be enough. Tipper was humanely euthanized in the arms of her loving caretaker. RIP Sweet Girl – you were loved. Here’s her photo during a better time. – diana

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8/24/23 – On 8/21/23 I posted Tabby’s story. She had been through so much in her life and finally we thought she was on the mend and ready to move on to a loving and safe life. She was seen by one of the best veterinarians in our community. But, unfortunately, during her follow up visit yesterday, the doctor found Tabby’s condition much worse than thought and she was humanely euthanized to end her suffering. I asked the doctor what was found which lead to the decision made by her and Tabby’s foster mom and she kindly sent me the following information:

“Unfortunately, Tabby developed some more severe complications, with necrotic fistulas under her tongue. She presented with a high fever, discomfort and there didn’t appear to be any improvement around her lower jaw and under her tongue. She was also down a pound. We discussed whether to change her antibiotics and increase the frequency of feeding but we went in knowing this wasn’t a straight forward stomatitis and I was hoping for much better results. Although she tested negative a second time prior to the procedure, my concern there was still some more severe underlying condition. The ulcers on the top of her tongue had healed and the roof of the mouth and upper jaw was healing but the lower jaw and under the tongue was actually getting worse. Following euthanasia I was able to observe some deep fistulous necrotic paths back to the pharynx and it was affecting the back of her throat. It was the right decision for her because this condition is painful and typically we see rapid improvement. It was very likely that she was going to continue to get worse. We decided to end her pain, and save funds to help others in need.”

One of the most difficult decisions any pet owner or rescuer must make is when to end an animal’s suffering — we pray they could talk and let us know. But, as humans, we must always put their quality of life ahead of our own emotions and I’m thankful that Tabby’s foster mom, Kate, and our caring doctor did just that. May you Rest In Peace Sweet Baby, your life mattered and you were much loved. – diana

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