8/16//23 – He was a stray wandering the streets when he was obviously struck by fireworks and his tail was severely burnt. A kind woman and her daughter saw Simba and took him in and proceeded to find help. Although, the family was not in our nearby communities, I did offer to help through one of their local vets. Simba was taken there and the veterinarian reported that Simba’s burn was very severe and would require a specialist. Also, after further examination and blood work, the veterinarian diagnosed several serious medical issues which would require much more care. After discussion with the doctor, it was agreed that Simba should be left to cross the Rainbow Bridge peacefully and with love. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


8/17/23 – Tanisha contacted us last Friday about a dog she rescued as she was entering a shelter to possibly adopt a dog. The woman she met, who had Mama Rose and her six 6-week old puppies, said she was moving out of State and couldn’t take them with her so she was leaving them at the shelter. Tanisha took in the family but poor Rose had diarrhea, blood in her urine, a rash, and was drastically underweight. Tanisha was able to get Rose into her veterinary clinic who did an ultrasound and gave meds for the diarrhea. Tanisha tried to get more information from the prior owner but the woman pretty much brushed her off and obviously didn’t want to be bothered. Poor Rose, at just one year old, had never been to a vet nor had received any vaccines. But now, ALL IS GOOD, much to the credit of Tanisha’s tenacity and the generosity of our donors. Tanisha had surgery for pyometra which included her spay. She went home the same day and Tanisha reports that she is doing great. Her babies are now 8 weeks old and we will make sure they at least get their vaccines as appropriate. – diana

It Takes A Village to Make A Change P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080