8/25/23 – It began August 7 when I was contacted by one of Black Jack’s caretakers. He was a stray who was fed by Jennifer and her neighbor. Jennifer noticed that Black Jack was having difficulty eating and drinking and was getting weaker each day as she sought a rescuer for help. She was able to get info one of our partner vets that same day. The doctor advised that Black Jack had fluid in his stomach and couldn’t get a clear x ray. He was given medications and Jennifer was told to return in 3 days. Upon returning, Black Jack still couldn’t open his jaw and Jennifer had been syringe feeding him. The doctor thought that Black Jack was suffering from a toxicity but did seem to improve somewhat. The next day Black Jack returned to the vet. There was no longer fluid in his stomach but in reviewing the x rays, the doctor now believed Black Jack had suffered a trauma to his spine. The spine wasn’t broke but it was thought that someone had done something to him to cause the trauma. Jennifer had been keeping Black Jack in a crate, free to roam and finally he began to start walking, a little wobbly, and he seemed to be interested in food. A week later, Black Jack again returned to the vet where he was given more steroids and muscle relaxers. The doctor thought Black Jack would recover but it would take awhile. At that point, I offered to have Black Jack seen by another doctor for a second opinion; an appointment was scheduled. But, unfortunarely, yesterday afternoon, when Jennifer went to feed Black Jack, she found that he had passed away. Jennifer had just lost another furbaby in April and to say her heart is broken is an understatement. Too much sadness but it’s important for people to know what is happening on our streets every day. If only would could save them all. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

This was Black Jack in May. He was an outdoor cat that my neighbor and I took care of since he was a kitten . He was a lovable, sweet,handsome boy who was loved . My heart is shattered . Trying to wrap my head around why he was taken at 16 months old. At least he didn’t spend the last couple weeks outside suffering . He had a warm and safe place to sleep,he was fed, he knew so much love before left this earth . I miss him terribly .

RIH my sweet sweet boy. – Jennifer

I’m going to miss him so much. It has been so hard watching him go through all that. From how he was. Now that he’s gone I have a broken heart also. BlackBlack is what I called him he was my boy also. I loved him very much. – Jaclyn