8/21/23 – First, I’d like to ask for your understanding in this long post but I would like to give our supporters a sense of what goes on every minute, every day in the world of helping stray, abandoned, and abused animals. And our stories are not singular — every person involved with saving animals goes through similar cases multiple times a day. This case started in early July. A close friend of 4p1h contacted me about a cat found in a colony where the caretaker believed the cat had swallowed a fish hook. Here is the story:

“Good morning, Diana,

This is Kate, a friend of Debbie’s, who had been fostering Fish, now named Tabby, since the 4th of July weekend when 4 Paws generously offered to sponsor her care at Groesbeck Animal Hospital.

Since then she has recovered from the Calicivirus Dr. K. diagnosed, gained weight, is able to stand and walk, and is much cleaner (this little girl loves being groomed and pampered). Unfortunately, her mouth has not healed. We had hoped she would be able to rejoin her colony, but when I took her to All About Animals last week for vaccinations and to be spayed, Dr. Quick, noticed her tongue has not healed, she has gingivostomatitis, her tongue is hyperplastic (occasionally bleeding), and an older fracture of her right stifle at the connection to the tibia. This sweet little girl has really had a difficult time in her young life. The colony caretaker clearly didn’t appreciate her gentle nature, describing her as, “too simple to fight for her food, and filthy as a rat.” She’s really a sweetheart who could have been suffering for a long time and unable to groom herself or take care of her kittens!

Anyway, Debbie mentioned that you approved a follow up visit for her at Patterson Veterinary Hospital. If possible, I would like to see if Dr. Lynch is available to see her. She was so supportive to both Sadie and me when 4 Paws sponsored her last year. Between your sponsorship, and Dr. Lynch’s care, Sadie was able to live a comfortable and happy life until lymphoma took her earlier this year.

I’ve told Debbie, Fish (Tabby) is welcome to live with me as long as needed – like forever if that is what is best for her. We just need to discover what she needs to live her healthiest life possible.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures of her contrasting how much she’s changed since leaving her outside life behind. She’s gained quite a bit of weight, is much cleaner, and has thankfully learned there are humans she can trust.

Have a great day! And thank you, and the all the supporters of 4 Paws, who make life better for so many animals.”

On August 14, Tabby (aka Fish) saw Dr. Lynch at Patterson Veterinary in Clinton Twp and here is Kate’s update:

“I apologize for not getting in touch with you sooner. It has been a busy, but promising week. Dr. Lynch is positively amazing(!!!) and her LVT, Amanda, is equally professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

Sweet little Tabby’s stomatitis had done more damage than initially anticipated. Dr. Lynch had hoped to be able to save some of her teeth, but, unfortunately, she had to perform a full mouth extraction. Her teeth, gums, and tongue were all affected. The good news is she’s recovering well. With medication to control pain, fight off the infection, and keep her tummy calm, she’s settling in well with her feeding tube. We ran into a little glitch when it was discovered the port had a slight crack and had to be replaced Thursday morning, but now all is going well. She’s not interested in eating or drinking yet on her own, but that will come in time and we’ll be sending pictures of of happy, pain-free cat.

Diana, following the life stories of the animals 4 Paws reaches out to in their time of need is both heart wrenching and heart warming. For all the suffering, there are so many incredibly wonderful people who come together, as you say, the “Village”, who give of their time, donations, and veterinary skills to reach as many animals as possible. It is truly amazing! A humongous hug and thank to you, to everyone on your board, the donors, and the veterinary partners who work so hard to change the lives of so many animals in our area.

Tabby didn’t have much life left in her tiny body before Debbie (a.k.a., Super Rescuer Extraordinaire), received a call that there was a cat with a fish hook in her mouth. She asked if I could foster her and get her to her vet appointments until she could return to her colony. Well, little did we know she had two little kittens she was trying to care for, a fractured leg she had been walking around so long it had healed (she can’t jump, but walks up a little ramp to sleep in the sun), enough oil, soil, and mats in her coat to protect her from the BB’s entering her body, and a wound on her back. Only because of the generosity of the 4 Paws Village, she will now have an opportunity to spend her life in good health and with all the love she can soak up.

Thanks so much! We’ll let you know how Tabby’s follow up appointment with Dr. Lynch goes next Wednesday. “

And so, dear fellow animal lovers, this is what it’s all about.- diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


8/21/23 – On August 10 Bandit was trapped during a TNR project and was thought to have only one eye. We approved Bandit’s medical visit at All About Animals Rescue along with a few other strays who were trapped . At the time, the doctor thought that Bandit’s eye may have possibly ruptured. She was spayed, vaccinated, tested, and her eye was treated with terramycin. We then authorized an appointment at Orion Animal Hospital to have Bandit’s follow up exam. Today, Bandit was seen and it was determined that her eye would need to be removed. Her surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday. Please remember Bandit and the many stray and injured animals on our streets. May they find themselves in the arms of caring people like Elizabeth S. who we’ve been trying to help with TNR as well as with cases like Bandit’s. So many are in need and your donations give the animals who do come to us a second chance at life. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080