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HERCULES UPDATE: Hercules had a play date yesterday (Friday). Two admirers and their boxers visited and he had a great time impressing everyone with his cuteness. He had lots of fun playing with his new boxer friends but we think he may have over did it. Today when he got up he didn’t even want to harass Gina’s cat. He may have been in a little pain. Gina gave him some medicine and he’s resting in the love of his foster home and family.

HERCULES UPDATE: Hercules is becoming quite the star. He’ll be visiting friends at the Paul Mitchell School in Sterling Heights next week. They’ve been having a fundraiser for him. He’s already been doing some neighborhood garage sales. And, sometime in the next two weeks, he should be going for his first hydrotherapy session in hopes that he can build muscle and flexibility.  We still haven’t heard back from Michigan State but our doctors will be following up and we’ll be updating everyone. We want to continue to thank everyone praying and donating money and services. We’re hoping that Hercules can be the poster boy for all of the tortured, abused, and neglected cats and dogs who are saved each day by the dedicated rescue groups that we strive to help. ~ diana

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4 thoughts on “Hercules Updates

  1. I just read Herculess story in the Eastsider newspaper. It just broke my heart. how someone can be so cruel. My thoughts & prayers are with him. Please keep updates about him.

    JoAnne Smith

  2. I just read the story in the “Eastsider” why wasn’t there more publicity about what happened to poor Hercules. WHy didn’t the judge give a stiffer sentencing to this Martin Everett Nelson. To me it was a slap on the hand. Is there anything we as citizens can do by contacting the Judgein this case. Judge Carl Gerds and demand a revaluation of the sentencing. Maybe if all us readers sent him a letter appealing to his sense of humanity he will realize his judgement fell short. Come on everyone who has read this article and is as upset as i am, let’s all write 38th district court and let this judge know how we feel about this ridiculous punishment for such a dreadful crime.

    • Thanks, Cinde. I know we’ve already communicated but for everyone else not privvy to our conversation—-I’ve been told by very reliable sources that judges and prosecutors do read letters sent to them about cases they are handling. Consequently, when you read about an animal cruelty case, by all means make contact with the appropriate judge and prosecutor to let them know how you feel. In the case of Hercules, everything happened so fast there was no time to get word out. Yes, it would have been good to get justice for Hercules, but on the other hand, it could have meant that Hercules would have had to stay in the hands of his owner longer while the case was being built. At this time, we’re just happy that Hercules is safe and has become the poster boy for animal cruelty awareness.

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