Hercules Photo Shoot

Hercules Update: We had a photo shoot today after Hercules’ hydrotherapy session with Lori Jobak of 4Paws Health & Wellness. The original intention was for my friend, Joe Fabian, to get some photos that could be used in an upcoming Macomb Daily ad. But, before going, I contacted Aaron Fortin, from NBS Animal Rescue, because he’s been hankering to meet the Mighty Hercules. Well, it was a shooting frenzy! Even today, people who were coming in to check out Bark A Bout were gathering around checking him out! I think that maybe Bark A Bout ought to use this photo for some of their ads. Hercules is doing so well I continue to be in awe. The work that Lori and Dr. Kern and her husband have done and the results are inspiring.~ diana

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