Star Accidentally Hit by a Car

3/13/13 ~ Kitten Accidentally Hit by Car
Star ~ She ran in front of a car and was hit on Wednesday night… The before picture here of Star shows that she has a light amount of blood coming from her left eye. She had head trauma and severe pain in her left side of the chest and the front leg. In fact, she couldn’t even open her eyes and when she did both pupils were different sizes. Star was in a state of shock, pain, panting heavily, and terrified, but our staff was delicate and tending to her every need. Lisa, our technician pulled up a chair and sat in the intensive care area with Star for over 2 hours administering IV medication to prevent further brain swelling and then watching her the entire night every hour on the hour. Within less than 24 hours of being hit Star was stabilized, full of love, and grateful for life. Huge thanks to Dr. Venet and Lisa for saving Stars life during the middle of the night. The good Samaritan who contacted “4 paws 1 heart” for help that evening has come to visit Star to check up on her. If an owner is not found Star will need a home…

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