Keller Surgery Update

9/12/13 – 9/12/13 First let me apologize — some people have been asking for an update on Keller and I wondered why. As soon as I talked to his mom on Tuesday, I posted the update. But, as I look through our timeline I can’t find it; the only update is Pat’s. So let me let everyone know what is going on. Keller is doing great. His eye surgery went well and he is to have the stitches taken out of his eyelids on September 24. At that time he will also get his vaccinations. Keller wasn’t able to get neutered in that only one testicle could be found so there is a chance that there is a testicle that hasn’t descended. The doctors suggest that Keller have surgery for this condition in about 6 months. In that there is no danger of Keller using his manhood to “get in trouble”, we all feel it’s best to wait. 4 Paws 1 Heart will keep the donated money aside to make sure all expenses up to the neutering and potential surgery for the testicle is covered. Pat will be signing papers to make our little Keller a permanent member of her household. I’ve asked Pat for an update. Thanks again to all of our friends for your prayers and support. ~ diana

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