8/28/23 – Last week we were asked to help with Viva whose eye was scratched by litter mates and then suddenly ruptured. Our friend, Emily K., who has helped with special needs dogs and cats contacted us to help out. Here is Viva’s story:

“Viva is a kitten I’ve had since she was 2 weeks old. She came to me as part of a litter of five in absolutely shocking condition, paralyzed to the point she almost couldn’t breathe on her own, and same for the rest of the litter. We lost three to this paralysis when they lost the ability to breathe, but we have two survivors, Viva and Sparkle (my paper towel litter lol). It was determined the babies had botulism – extremely rare, but it does happen and it is reportable to the state of Michigan. Very interesting case! Through their recovery, we’ve struggled with weight gain and lasting neurological deficits, but they are mostly normal kittens now, just extra tiny. Unfortunately, this past week, Viva got scratched on the eye during a wrestling match with her sister. In a matter of 48 hours, the eye went from watery to ruptured and infected, bulging out of her head, despite eye drops and oral antibiotics. Her eye was removed at Orion on Wednesday with your help that we are so very grateful for. Dr Blasses dissected the eye and it appears she had a deep ulcer that must have made it especially fragile. We had no idea she had an ulcer, she had no symptoms before this scratch. She is doing well, healing and back to her normal, goofy self. She is getting warm compresses to help drain some fluid from inside, but otherwise all is looking good. Thank you so much for your help with sweet Viva. She has had such a rough life so far and I want the best for her. We couldn’t have taken care of her eye without your generosity.

I’ve attached before and after photos for you. – Emily”

Please consider donating and/or participating in our fundraisers because without our supporters, little ones like Viva and so many others would not have that second chance at life. Thank YOU – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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