Hercules Update ~ 6/26/2012

Hercules Update: I went to visit Hercules at his hydro-therapy session on Tuesday. He is getting so tall I couldn’t believe it. He’s also starting to take chances that he shouldn’t take in climbing around on things. We have to remember he is a puppy and he forgets his limitations. Also, I think the fact that he’s hanging around with 4 cats is rubbing off on him. He will again be staying with Gina for about a week and will be getting neutered during that time. He is also going to be scheduled for some behavioral training. Hercules continues to be one happy puppy. ~ diana

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2 thoughts on “Hercules Update ~ 6/26/2012

  1. Diana, we will get to see any video of him and how far he as come with his strength training? He is such a honey and thanks to you for all the updates. Susie

  2. Hi Susie,
    I’ve been posting the video’s on our facebook page because I haven’t quite captured the art of YouTube but I’m working on it. If you would e-mail me at [email protected], I will e-mail you a couple of videos to view.

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