Sweet Pup Found in Warren

7/6/13 ┬áLate Friday afternoon we received a call from one of our favorite animal control officers about a sweet pup found in Warren. Here is what Lisa had to say: “She was picked up by a kindly person Thursday Evening, when a pack of kids was chasing her and throwing rocks at her in South Warren. The finder thought at first that she had a broken leg because she was limping severely. Closer observation showed it wasn’t broken but just very swollen and she had no place else to take her so I told her to bring her to the police department. The injury turned out to be a large abscess on her elbow area, very painful. We took her to Hoover Rd. Animal Hospital today, where they lanced the abscess and started her on antibiotics. Other than that she’s pretty healthy but underweight. She’s a little timid but very sweet.”

4 Paws 1 Heart will pay for the medical treatment and, once again, our rescue friends came through for the animal community. A big thank you to Mutts of Motown for taking in this sweet girl and, of course, thank you to the kind rescuer and Lisa, animal control officer extraordinaire. ~ diana