Summer’s Story

July 10, 2013 : 4 Paws 1 Heart received a call for help for a dog now named Summer. Her story was beyond heartbreaking and, of course, we sent some dollars to Summer’s vet to kick off the fundraising drive. It appears that enough money has now been raised to take care of the amputation Summer needs. Here is the story we initially received from Mary Paetz: ~ diana

“I swear I do not seek this stuff out. It finds me and how can I say no?? So I just got a call from the vet asking me if I can help them with a dog that was brought in by her owners (and I use that term very, very loosely) this afternoon to be euthanized. The vet says she is too nice of a girl to be euthanized so they got the owners to sign her over and would like to try to save her IF donations can be raised and a rescue group secured. Her back leg needs to be amputated once the infection is under control. This dog’s name is Summer. She started chewing off her paw back in January and she has now chewed off the whole entire foot on her back left leg! I have seen the picture. It will make your stomach turn and your heart break all the same time…..”

Meet Tiger Jay

MEET TIGER JAY – 4 Paws 1 Heart received the following plea for assistance: ~ diana

7/10/13 “Tonight I found a kitten abandoned on a dirt road far from any houses. He’s probably 5-6 weeks old, he is missing an eye. I can’t have anymore animals at my house but this kitten is the sweetest little guy I’ve ever snuggled! Do you have any advice on how to or where to find him a good home. I know he’s going to need some medical care most likely because of his eye.” ~ Samantha

Although we rarely work outside the four-county area, we couldn’t help but help Samantha and this little guy. We made arrangements for Samantha to take Tiger Jay to her vet and here is Samantha’s report:

7/17/13 “I took the kitten to the vet today he got all of his vaccines and some antibiotics for the eye. The vet said the kitten was born with an eye and he likely got hurt or someone hurt him because there is some eye parts still way back in there. He said surgery is not likely but he needed some antibiotics to fight the infection that’s in there, likely from being in the wild. They aged him at about 5 weeks. He is full of worms so we de-wormed him as well. They called the eye problem phthisis bulbi. I really appreciate your help and so does tiger !!!” ~ Samantha

Tiger Jay will be re-examined by the vet in about 30 days and if he needs more help, we’ll be there for him. The other good news is that the wonderful manager at Surrey Vet has offered to help Samantha in getting a rescue to take over Tiger Jay’s placement if needed. Another baby saved from pain and cruelty. ~ diana