Please Help Save Mattie!!

July 30, 2013 ¬†PLEASE HELP SAVE MATTIE!!! She was picked up this week by Lisa, Animal Control, and tested positive for Parvo. She has been at Hoover Road Animal Hospital since then and is holding her own but she needs to get out of the hospital. Her spirits are very low which doesn’t help in her recovery. Our friends at Providing for Paws has been looking for a foster. If you could foster for PFP or our a rescue who could take Mattie, please contact me asap. [email protected] 4 Paws 1 Heart is paying for her hospital stay the hospital cannot keep her beyond tomorrow.
August 2, 2013 ¬†Update: Our good friends at Mutts of Motown have taken in Mattie for a few days to give us more time to find someone to help. We also think that we might have a foster if the foster’s two dogs get along with Mattie. She’s only about 25 lbs and is now on after care meds. ~ diana