Breezy Tested Negative

7/28/13 We are saying Goodnight with some wonderful news!! Our little Breezy tested negative last night for Feline Leukemia and his foster mom will be making Breezy a permanent member of the household. Thank You, Sabrina, for whatever strings you may have pulled up in heaven. ~ diana

Positive Energy and Prayers for Bob

7/27/13 POSITIVE ENERGY AND PRAYERS FOR BOB – Found as a stray, male kitten at about 11 weeks old. He is full of parasites and was making baby steps of improvement until yesterday when he had a seizure. We will continue to provide medical care for him around the clock while giving him the chance to see how he does with responding to treatment. ~ gina

7/29/13  Update:  Bob has not had any more seizures and will soon be looking for his forever home. ~ gina