Camila has Juvenile Renal Dysplasia

7/13/13  We wish that our dollars could have meant making Camilla all better but instead the dollars will help her to have comfort as long as she is here. Thank you to Providing for Paws for taking in this sweetheart and reaching out to everyone they could think of for help. ~ diana
“We got our many questions answered about our Camilla today and it was all bad news  It saddens us to inform you, that Camilla does in fact have JUVENILE RENAL DYSPLASIA as well as her Liver being enlarged and discolored. It would take biopsying the Liver in order to know exactly why the Liver is not functioning correctly. However since her kidney issue is something that can never be fixed, we feel there is no need to find out what the Liver problem is. Our little Camilla will have a very short life once her body continues to grow and her kidneys do not. For those of you who donated to her surgery for a Liver shunt, every dime donated has been used to treat and diagnose what was going on with our girl. Over $700.00 of it went to the two specialist we had to see. We are glad we went to Oakland Veterinary Referral Services for the second opinion, since they spotted the kidney problems in this ultrasound today, that the last specialist did not see. We are devastated by these results and will be in much pain when her time comes to have to cross the rainbow bridge. In the mean time our baby is not in pain and we will make her as comfortable as possible with special diet, meds that have been recommended and would like to raise the funds for her to see our wonderful Dr. Matt, the holistic vet that has help so greatly with our Deuce. Please pray that Camilla will live and love life to the fullest, until it is her time. Many thanks to her fosters and care takers who have given Camilla their all, to continue her fight to live.” ~ Providing For Paws